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2023 Cost of hair transplant in Turkey

Among the frequently asked questions, cost of hair transplant is one of the most common ones. High quality combined with a reasonable price is a desired situation by everyone who consider hair transplant in Antalya. Price chart of hair transplant is updated regularly. Yet affordable and safe operations performed by experienced doctors can easily be attained between 1300 – 2000 GBP price range in Turkey. Do not hesitate to contact us for latest prices and detailed information.


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    Frequently Asked Questions from Our Community

    Turkey offers high quality clinics and experienced surgeons with lower prices than Europe due to exchange rate of Turkish Lira to EURO and USD.
    Currency balance enables clinics to serve your best interest at a rather low cost.
    Quality of your operation in hair transplant clinic Antalya will easily top the ones in Europe if you choose the right place.
    Your experience will be enriched thanks to high-end clinics with cutting-edge technology and experienced professionals.
    Antalya hair transplant price range differs from 1.300 to 2.000 GBP, which equals to one-forth that of prices set by clinics in UK and European countries.
    Comparison as such might lead one to think lower cost might reduce the quality. Yet the truth is, best hair transplant Antalya has to offer you is equal to, if not better than any European clinic.
    Once you get the price chart of your preferred clinic, make sure you check if the prices are lower than this range.
    It is tricky to pick the safest option with a good price, even riskier if the price is too low. In that case, it is strongly recommended you ask a few questions to the clinic consultants as to how the operations are done.
    Main focus is if the operations are performed in throughly and regularly sterilized private rooms.
    Making sure if the operation rooms are clean enough will ensure your wellbeing and rule out the possibility of infection.
    Since the price charts are updated annually, hair transplant Turkey cost 2023 is different than previous years.
    Yet hair transplant in Antalya Turkey remains the most affordable and safest option world-wide.
    You can check with clinic representatives to find out the latest Antalya hair transplant price.

    If you are considering hair transplant surgery, you are in luck since a permanent solution did not exist a decade back.
    Our method is as natural looking as it is lasting. Mediface performs the most prominent technique for hair transplant in Antalya Turkey.
    The process can be simply defined as the transfer of hair from an area with regular growth to the area that is affected by hair loss.
    Unaffected area is called donor area which is examined and determined by your doctor pre-operation.

    For the best hair transplant Antalya is a rather suitable option. It is the top destination for cosmetic surgeries since it offers low price and high quality.
    Turkey also topped the charts of medical tourism in 2019.
    Clinics in Turkey have internationally certified and acknowledged doctors with many years of experience, along with cutting edge facilities and devices.
    Antalya hair transplant clinic of your choosing, will provide you with the utmost service.

    A person regularly loses around 50-100 hairs daily.
    Yet it is not noticeable since new hair keeps growing.
    If your hair doesn’t grow as fast as it falls, you might have a visible thinning of hair which is when you might start considering a treatment.
    Hair loss, in medical terms, is called “alopecia” and it is a rather common problem among men and women alike.
    If you are dealing with this issue, hair transplant in Antalya Turkey, could be the solution you are looking for.

    Hair fall might have many different reasons one of which is hereditary hair loss.
    If your family has a history of baldness due to aging or other factors, it is likely that your hair loss is caused by genetics, which is the most common reason for it.
    Medical term for this condition is androgenic alopecia which is sub-categorized as female-pattern baldness and male-pattern baldness.
    Women usually experience this as thinning hair and hair loss over the crown of the scalp. On men, the issue manifests itself as receding hairline and visible bald spots.
    Another reason of hair loss is hormonal changes induced by pregnancy, childbirth, menapouse or other conditions.
    Medical issues such as thyroid and immune system dysfunctionality can also cause temporary or permanent hair loss.
    Another common reason is prescribed drug use for health problems such as depression, cancer, heart conditions, gout, arthritis and high blood pressure.
    Radiation therapy also causes complete hair fall, but only through the duration of the treatment.
    Mental health and daily routines are also huge determinants on how healthy your hair is.
    If you have a stressful and busy life through which you cannot find the time to pay attention to your meals, your hair gets negatively affected.
    This situation is a result of weakening immunity system and nutrient intake shifts. Stress is one of the most significant factors on how well-balanced your immunity is.
    Antalya hair transplant clinic that you choose will help you discover the best solution for your specific condition, with respect to the reason of your hair loss. Suitable technique will be decided by a licensed professional after you are examined and consulted.

    20th century had been the scene of many wonders in medical science.
    Among many greatest breakthroughs, one of the most significant discoveries was grafting of human head to transfer hair from healhy areas (usually the back side of the scalp) to bald spots.
    The first operation was performed by a Japanese Dermatologist Dr Shoji Okuda. Yet it wasn’t publicly known til 1950, when a doctor in New York started performing hair transplant surgery.
    The graft tecnique greatly improved since then, which resulted in hair transplant becoming the most preferred solution for baldness.
    Nowadays, many people from all around the world travel to Antalya hair transplant clinic to work with highly educated and experienced professionals.
    If you are faced with hair loss and considering treatment, best hair transplant Antalya has to offer is just around the corner.

    Hair transplant operation consists of 3 phases.
    Extraction Phase: The tool designed to extract hair follicles which has less than 1mm diameter will be used on the donor area.
    Extracted part will be preserved in the right temperature, in a solution that enhances the growth rate post-operation.Which means your hair will keep growing.
    Placement Phase: Our patented tool, the DHI implanter with a diameter of less than 1mm will be used to directly put the hair follicles into the targeted area which is suffering from hair loss.
    Thanks to cutting-edge technology of the modern day, this process can be carried out without holes or slits.
    Natural Result: Our doctors at hair transplant clinic Antalya, are very skilled professionals who can create natural looking results.
    Follicles are injected into the skin at the right depth and angle which ensures successful results. With this advanced method, new hair keeps growing and hair loss possibility is reduced.

    In order not to catch an infection, being cautious in the next 14 days post-surgery is advised.
    Clinics provide hair spray and proper medication to rule out bleeding and other possible issues.
    Yet it is up to the patient to properly take care of the scalp.

    - Take Proper Rest
    After hair transplant surgery, you need to rest for at least a week.
    It is advised you avoid stressful activities.

    - Don’t take aspirin or related products
    Drinking alcoholic beverages, soda products, and aspirin can cause complications for your hair transplant. So, you should avoid all these beverages for at least a week.

    - Bleeding Might Occur
    After surgery, you may experience bleeding on the hair graft that is pasted on your head. In which case, applying pressure on the area for up to 15 days will soothe the situation. Make sure you do it gently in order not to dislodge the surrounding graft.

    - Don’t be afraid if you observe mild hair loss
    In the first five days, you might experience mild hair loss on your graft. Prior to your full healing, proper medication and hair products will be prescribed to you by the hair transplant clinic Antalya.
    Which means you can reduce hair loss possibility in the future by building a regular hair care routine.

    - If Swelling Occurs
    There is a chance of swelling after your hair transplant operation. It might reach your forehead and eyelids.
    Although this is a rather rare situation, you might still want to take some precautions to avoid this.
    Sleeping elevated in a 45 degree angle will reduce this risk. Even if the swelling occurs, affected areas will get back to normal in a few days.
    It is recommended that you avoid sleeping sideways, lying on either side.

    - Don’t Exercise for First Few Days
    Exercising might cause stress on your graft. It is advised that you do not exercise for the first four weeks.
    Mild movement like walking will not affect your healing progress.
    Make sure you don’t do any heavy lifting and plyometric exercises as they can be a lot more stressful.

    - Don’t Swim in Chlorinated Water
    Swimming in chlorinated water should also be avoided during the first 14 days.
    Water pressure combined with chlorine might cause your graft to wear off since it is still weak in the first 2 weeks.

    - Bath Cautiously
    You can take a shower or a bath but make sure you do not apply pressured water directly on your scalp.
    A container can be used to gently pour water to cleanse the shampoo.

    -Don’t use hair dryer
    After hair transplantation operation, it is advised you avoid hair-dryer in the next 14 days since hair dryer temperature might hurt your graft during the first month

    -Don’t Use Hair Creams/Gels
    It is strongly recommended that you do not use hair creams and gels during the first 14 days since rubbing hair products of sort can cause harm to your graft.

    -What If Skin Flakes or Peels off?
    The dead hair in the graft will automatically start to flake after 10 days. This is normal.
    You must make sure that you don’t apply excessive pressure or intentionally peel off the graft. Dead skin will fall off by itself.


    You can be absolutely safe from possible issues by following the instructions of your doctor.
    Hair transplant clinic Antalya will be by your side throughout the entire process of operation and healing, with a team of professionals.

    One of the most frequently asked question is when to shave/cut hair after hair transplant.
    One must take into consideration the fragile state of the graft in during the first month.
    It is advised you follow the instructions of your doctor in Antalya hair transplant clinic.
    Your examinations will determine when you will be ready for a haircut

    The results obtained through hair transplant look more natural and is more permanent in comparison to prosthetic hair, which makes it the most preferred solution for hair loss. Your doctor of hair transplant in Antalya Turkey, will determine the most suitable donor area and perform the operation with professional care.
    Thanks to latest techniques and experienced doctors, you will have permanent solution to your hair loss problem.

    There are many factors as to why you might be experiencing hair loss.
    Genetic reasons (androgenetic alopecia) is among the most common reasons.
    It can be regional or spread out, and it affects both men and women, especially after menopause.
    Permanent hair loss may develop due to skin diseases such as lichen planus.
    Early diagnosis and treatment of lichen planus disease is very important in terms of preventing permanent hair loss.
    Some people pluck their own hair due to psychological reasons.
    In medicine, this disease is called trichotillomania and can be treated with psychological support.
    Some diseases that cause hormone irregularities such as thyroid diseases which also cause hair loss.
    Hair loss may be experienced during pregnancy due to alteration in hormone levels. This situation is mostly temporary.
    Anemia is one of the most common causes of hair loss, especially in women. It is possible to stop hair loss with anemia treatment.
    Lack of minerals such as iron and zinc in the body can lead to hair loss. In such cases, it is possible to stop hair loss by taking mineral supplements.
    Some life habits can also cause hair loss; not having a regular diet, malnutrition, inactivity, and stress being the most common ones.
    Wrong hair care habits are another reason for hair loss.
    Examples include constantly tying the hair up too tightly, wrong cleansing habits, and exposing the hair to chemicals.
    If you already have visible hair loss, you can consider applying to hair transplant clinic Antalya.

    It is suggested that coronavirus causes very serious hair loss. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this arguement.
    Temporary hair loss called Telogen Effluvium can occur after stressful events, severe surgery, severe physical trauma, and high fever diseases.
    In this case, the hair grows back within 6-9 months.
    Since corona virus infection causes both psychological and physical stress, there may be different levels of hair loss a few months after the infection is over.
    This shedding stops at a certain point and the hair starts to grow again.
    If you observe your hair loss is too visible and permanent, you might wanna consult a professional in Antalya hair transplant clinic.

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