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    Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) Operation Process

    What is the age requirement for rhinoplasty?
    It’s important that you’ve reached full growth of your bones, which is typically around age 18-20.
    How much does rhinoplasty surgery cost?
    The purpose, type and method of the operation determine the price of rhinoplasty surgery.
    How long is the operation time?
    Operation takes between 1.5 to 4 hours
    How does the post-operative process work?
    The cast which is placed to protect the nose will be removed a week after the operation.
    How long is the recovery time?
    You can go back to your daily activities within 2-3 days after the operation. It might take a month for the nose to regain its usual functions. It approximately takes a year for the nose to fully recover.
    Will there be any pain or bruising after the surgery?

    Thanks to our experienced doctors and their advanced technique, you will not experience bruising on your face. Mild swelling might occur in rare cases, according to individual’s skin/tissue type but it gets back to normal in a few days. Best nose job Turkey has to offer is right around the corner to provide you with your dream appearance.

    What kind of anesthesia is applied during rhinoplasty surgery?

    Considering the results of the tests, general anesthesia will be performed if the anesthesiologist approves your results.

    What are the most common types of nose surgery?

    Arched rhinoplasty, curved nose aesthetics, nasal tip aesthetics, reduction or enlargement of the nose according to the structure of the face are the most common types of rhinoplasty.

    Long term results shared by our patients



    Dr. Hadi Nural, who has more than 30 years of experience in the field, has performed above 2500 operations all of which were resulted in success. Not only he is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey, he has a rather strong standing and good reputation world-wide as well.

    Comments about him on Whatclinic rhinoplasty Turkey is a monument to his cutting-edge technique which enables the patient to heal fast and pain-free. Along with his reputation as the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Europe, he is also an educator who lectures international conferences and courses on surgical and nonsurgical operations. His groundbreaking article on how to treat crooked nose, “Aesthetic and functional result of crooked nose treatment; internalmicroperforating osteotomy and subtotal septal reconstruction” on which he depicts his unique technique, was published in European Journal of Plastic Surgery and presented at Annual meeting of the European Facial Plastic Surgery 2019 in Amsterdam.

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    Frequently Asked Questions from Our Community

    Technically known as rhinoplasty, nose job is an operation that is performed for aesthetic and/or medical reasons. Individual might prefer Turkey nose surgery to reshape their nose and alter their appaerance to suit their best interest. It is also possible that one might to get a nose job to fix a health issue like deviated septum, to be able to breathe and sleep easily.

    Nosejob Turkey is famous for, has many techniques and are performed according to the patient's requests. Clinic center Turkey rhinoplasty is preferred by many, since it offers doctors with an utterly wide range of methods that can create many different looks for patient's best interest. Nose job Turkey Antalya, with its professional team, is waiting to consult you to obtain your dream look.

    Rhinoplasty with its latest form through which one can attain the nose they dream of within 7 days of healing time post-surgery, is an operation that has been performed for decades. A surgeon named Antonio Branca performed the first operation in 1460, enabling world to embark upon the journey of the development of Rhinoplasty.

    If you feel like your nose does not fit the structure of your face, or you simply want to change the way you look to attain the exact appearance in your mind, you can definitely go for a nose job Turkey Antalya offers. Thanks to cutting-edge techniques of our doctors, you will obtain the look you wish for, with a fast and bruise-free healing process. Results of your operation will give you the confidence you need.

    One can also go for a nose job for medical reasons. Breathing problems or accidents that cause disfigurement in bone and cartilage structure could be counted among the reasons for rhinoplasty. In these cases, if one prefers not to alter their look, ethnic rhinoplasty can be preferred to keep the unique features of individual's genetics.

    Communication is a rather important element of the process for your doctor to grasp the exact look you want. When it comes to nosejob Turkey offers doctors that can perform a widely varied range of different nose shapes, so it is important you are consulted by MD to attain the result of your own choosing. All inclusive cosmetic surgery packages Turkey has, provide you with simulation that displays how your post-operation result will look. You can describe your desired nose shape to your doctor during consultation and witness how the simulation is created as well.

    How much does a nose surgery cost in Turkey is a very frequently asked question since it is the leading country for aesthetic operations, preferred by many patients from all over the world.

    When it comes to surgical operations, it is important to find quality along with an affordable price. It can be assumed that lower price might mean less quality but the truth is the exact opposite. Rhinoplasty Turkey cost is more affordable but it is more about exchange rate than the operation's details.

    Due to currency exchange differences between Turkish Lira to Euro and Pound, it is easy to find way more affordable options in Turkey than Europe and England, with even more qualified and attentive doctors. Best cosmetic and plastic surgery hospitals in Turkey offer you with entirely sterilised personal rooms, high-end technology and a team of professionals ready to attend to your every need. All inclusive cosmetic surgery packages Turkey provides, have all these vital details along with hotel and accomodation. Nose rhinoplasty prices Turkey quotes is less than half the price of the options in Europe and England.

    Our well-educated and experienced doctor of more than 30 years and 2500 operations, with his unique and groundbreaking techniques, has proved to be the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey. Along with his operative skills, his ability to communicate and his understanding demeanor carries him to the top of the list of nosejob Turkey surgeons.

    In addition to professional doctors and throughly sterilised operating rooms, you will also have a team to assist you and put your mind at ease about every single detail about the procedure. Rhinoplasty Turkey all inclusive option also provides you with a cozy hotel at the heart of the city and transfer to/from the airport, hotel and the clinic.

    If you are considering Turkey Rhinoplasty package, please find link below to our hotel:


    You can find realself rhinoplasty comments along with whatclinic in the link below. Our social media accounts are also linked for you to observe rhinoplasty Turkey before and after pictures.

    Mediface Medical Center not only provides you with a doctor who is the top Rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey, it also offers pre & post-operation assistance along with transfer and accomodation. Your journey starts when you book your flight and send your ticket to us, so that we set the timeline of your transfers and MD appointments.

    Day 1- Airport Pick up – Doctor Visit

    Our team member will be waiting for you at the Airport with Mediface Medical Center sign board. You might either be taken to your hotel or your MD appointment, with respect to your arrival hour.

    At the clinic, your blood sample will be tested to determine if you are fit for a surgery. You will also have a discussion with your doctor as to how you want your nose, whether or not you have a chronic health issue. Visual aids such as simulations of your post operation results will be displayed and edited according to your wishes to get the best result out of your procedure.

    Day 2- Operation

    After a solid night's sleep at the hotel, you will be picked up by our driver and brought to the clinic. Your operation takes about 1.5 - 3 hours which varies according to the details of your procedure. You can leave after the operation is concluded since there is no obligatory stay at the clinic. Your healing process begins on the day of operation, thanks to Dr. Hadi Nural's technique through which you do not experience any bruising. You can also breathe regularly right after the operation since he does not insert any tampons inside the nostrils. You will only have stitches and a cast above your nose post-operation for support and stabilization, which will be removed after 7 days.

    Day 3 – Checkup

    Next day you will check with your doctor to ensure you are properly instructed to take care of your nose til the cast is removed. Necessary medications are provided to you within Rhinoplasty Turkey all inclusive package. You don't need bed rest after your surgery, which means it is up to you how you spend your days until day 7. Our entire team will be ready to assist you about anything you need in that timebeing.

    Day 7- Final Checkup – Airport Transfer

    You will get your stitches and cast removed on 7th day. After which it is absolutely safe to leave.

    Your specific instructions based on your medical history and operation process, will be provided by your doctor but it is possible to make a general list of to-do's for rhinoplasty post-operation.

    The outcome of these surgeries for a targeted result not only depends on the . Even the most experienced and skillful can’t provide you with the best results if you didn’t follow the compulsory instructions during the recovery process. Thorough this informative guide on nose postoperative care, we tried our best to communicate the caring practices that the patient must follow. It is of utmost importance for the patients to understand that following the instructions about WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO will help you achieve the best results from the nose aesthetic . Desirable results from the are only possible if you comply with the instructions.

    It is safe to proceed with your daily life after your operation. Yet it would be smart to avoid heavy work-out, lifting for the first 2 weeks since it might lead to nasal strain. Putting pressure on your nose is not advised. If you wear glasses, make sure you check with your doctor when/if it is safe to use them.

    Another important detail is to remember not to blow your nose. Our daily habits manifest themselves quite often without our notice. Make sure you pay attention to your movement patterns so that you do not rub/blow your nose right after the operation. During the time you have stitches (the first 7 days) try to be extra attentive not to touch your nose.

    Make sure you do not use any medication or nasal spray you aren't prescribed by the doctor.

    - The unavoidable thing is rest. This should limit; only necessary physical activity otherwise you should rest with your head elevated in a recliner. The first two weeks after the welcomes this new position for your head that is maintained with a recliner or two pillows

    Make sure that you are not sleeping on either side of the face; prefer to sleep with your head back on the pillow. You can get the comfort with airline type pillow or popular husband pillow that is big and can be extended to your arms for further support. This position should not be compromised in any way for the first two days at least. The very next night after the we strongly advise you to use the recliner chair for sleeping.
    - You should expect a tolerable amount of pain after the . The Pain Killers which is advised by the must be taken; either you are feeling pain or not, as they will heal the wound and fasten the healing process. The pain will start decreasing after 3 days but if the pain is persistent or increasing you should contact our staff.
    - The blood or mucus from the nose will be running in the form of droplets for the next 24-48 hours. After the nose , we will put a mustache type gauze dressing under your nose that needs to be changed 10-20 times in a day.
    - To minimize the swelling and control bruising use the cold compresses continuously. We suggest you; crush the ice and put in a zip lock bag, then put this bag in the towel and gently use it on nose and eyes. This activity should be started right after the and you are advised to do it for 15 minutes and rest for 30 minutes, the 2nd day you can rest for 45 minutes after the ice application and you can rest for 1 hour on 3rd day after 15 minutes of cold compress.
    - Wear the lightest weight glasses or if you are using contact glasses. You can use them after 2 days of . The glasses can be worn accordingly with our staff advice by putting it on the nasal cast or by taping the glass frame to your forehead.
    - Increase your fluid intake and add more raw fruit to your diet. You need to get energy and for that, we advise you not to miss a single meal. The use of general anesthesia in nose has a lasting effect and to minimize it you should take high calorie/protein-rich meal. - From the day after the Nasal use the saline spray of any brand (Sinomarine Ent or Tonimer). Four times a day with two squirts in each nostril is mandatory, however, you can use as much you want. It is strongly restricted to use any other nasal spray without prior approval from the doctor or Mediface team.
    - Use Qtip to apply the Dextrocin pomade inside your nose. If you have an incision between the nostrils due to the requirements of the procedure, we will give you the ointment to apply on that wound. Our nasal involves the use of dissolving sutures and that sutures are only dissolving if they remain wet with the ointment. The process should be continued until the sutures wiped out which normally takes a week.
    - After a week make an appointment for the cast removal. We will also clean your nose at your first post-operative visit.
    - You will experience the sense of smell got minimize but within a week or two it will be back and this time it will be much better than before.

    - Do not blow the nose at least for a week. However, it is not dangerous if you sneak back. - You can walk but avoid running. - Don’t lift anything that is more than 5-10 kg, even it’s a baby. - A complete stop to any sort of Aerobics exercise for a week. - Do not bend forward with your head down

    - Be careful that your nose won’t be bumped by anything either an elbow or a door.
    - Avoid any situation where the probability of nasal strain is possible.
    - If it is possible don’t wear the glasses for a week.
    - Don’t wear the plastic frame glasses specifically the one that will make assert pressure on the top of your nose. Make sure that you have the large feet of your glasses to get the maximum comfort. If you feel any sort of tenderness while wearing glass for a long period, remove it for an hour or two. This tenderness and discomfort are normal, and this feeling will go away after 3-4 months.

    - Don’t drive for 24 hours after the because of the anesthesia in your blood. After that, you can drive but for limited hours until a week.
    - Don’t use any type of Nasal spray until you are instructed.
    - Limit your sexual activity for a week after the .
    - Don’t wash your face and use a napkin to clean your face until your plaster is removed. This is to avoid any sort of water inside the nose.
    - If you are wearing an outfit that has to be dressed up from the top make sure it didn’t touch your nose.
    The Mediface team is always there to answer your queries.

    Dr. Hadi Nural, with his gentle technique that leaves no bruises even on the first day of operation, is the most preferred and successful Rhinoplasty surgeon. Since he does not insert tampons in the nostrils, you can breathe from your nose throughout your healing process. Protective cast only stays on for 7 days and is removed by your doctor. After which you will not need further check-up.
    Thanks to this fast and bruise-free healing process, Dr. Hadi is preferred by many patients from all around the world.

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